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STEFANO: He’s the Aviosail’s experienced sailor and owner. He was born on O6th November 1960 on the Island of Elba. As a boy he was very able in lots of sports but sailing and the sea are his real passions. He took part in various winter races and he had the chance to meet the ship owner Vincenzo Onorato, with whom he formed over the years. First he began with the boat “Comte de Flanders", a beautiful sixth grade, which won the trophy ‘Cointreau’ in 1989-1990 at the winter Championships in  Tigullio, then he won other races during the racing season in Alassio. He became co-owner with Onorato of the boat “Brass of Olives”, with which he caught an excellent fifth place in the world class in 1990. He continued to get other important victories, first on board of the Swan 46 “Charlotte Aybea” then with the “Flamenco Aybea”, participating in the winter Championships in Punta Ala and in Costa Smeralda. In 1996 he won the European Sardinia Cup championship as a trimmer on the boat “Zzenzero”. Then he decided to pass to the classic boats circuit competing for nine consecutive years on board of the “Agneta”, which belonged to the lawyer Giovanni Agnelli. He moved then on Pavesi brothers’ boat “Samurai”. He trained with Giovanni Soldini on the Island of Elba on board of the trimaran “Telecom” and participated in the Match Race in France on board of the “Jeanneau”. In 2005 he started working on Elba as a technician for a charter company. In 2007 he made a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on board of the “Ipero”, a Baltic 83 which belonged to his friend Flavio Scala, the former skipper of “Agneta”. Since 2009 he has been owner of Aviosail, with which he organizes weekly charters. His skill and professionalism are a guarantee for those who decide to chose Aviosail and for those who want to learn more about sailing world.

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ALICE: She was born on 14th December 1985 on the Island of Elba. She has always had a real passion for the sea and the nature. When she was 15 she had her first experience in a sailing boat around the Tuscan Archipelago and the Corsica Island. She moved to Florence where she graduated in Natural Sciences in 2010. In 2013 she also obtained a Master degree in ‘Conservation and management of nature’ with honors and participated in several scientific projects of whale watching on a sailboat in the Tuscan Archipelago. Her great love for her Island and the sea convinced her to return to Portoferraio where since 2013 she has remained with Stefano on board of the Aviosail boat as hostess and Environmental Guide, title officially recognized by the Tuscany Region and the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. As well as to prepare great excellent dishes, she will let you know the best of the Island of Elba, the Tuscan Archipelago and the natural wonders of the sea.

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